Our Programs

We develop educational enrichment programs for DC metro area middle and high school students, with an emphasis on the campuses in Wards 6, 7, and 8.


FieldTrips+ provides DC metro area middle & high school students opportunities to experience STEM and the arts in an integrated manner. FieldTrips+ comprises of experiential learning outings and a speaker series.

Nexxt Level Arts Scholarship

The Nexxt Level Arts Scholarship supports young people’s desire to pursue an education in the arts, be it music, theatre, dance, design, photography, fashion, cinematography,  and fine arts. These are merit-based scholarships for DC metro area high school students.

"Coming Soon"

* HBCU/MSI College Prep & Search app
* Peer Tutoring & Leadership Training
* Afterschool Code Club
* Life Skills 2.0

Our Partners

We can accomplish more together, than we can separately.

We have strategic partnerships with organizations across the DMV. As force multipliers, we provide programs and services to the area’s young people through innovative programming and outreach activities.

FAN: Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso

Safe places, linked hearts for Ward 8 foster children 

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Make Smart Cool

Revolutionizing how kids think about education

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Golf - My Future. My Game.

No Weapon Productions

Don't Be A Bully

(The Don’t Be a Bully Project is a part of “No Weapon Productions”)

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